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Izmir Turkish Tile

Izmir Turkish Tile embodies the exquisite beauty and profound historical significance of Turkish ceramics.

Each tile is a testament to artful elegance, adorned with delicate florals that bloom against a backdrop of soft blues and pretty flower motifs.

Perfectly suited for enhancing both kitchen and bathroom spaces, these tiles are not just versatile design elements but also carriers of cultural richness and authenticity.

The charming blue tones and floral patterns invite a sense of tranquility and artistic flair into any room, making them ideal for creating a captivating feature with bathroom tiles or adding a touch of serenity in kitchen tiling.

The Izmir Turkish Tile collection is more than just a home decor choice; it's a celebration of heritage and beauty, designed to infuse your space with timeless elegance and a true sense of place.

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Tiles Durability

Crafted for longevity, our tiles feature a robust surface engineered to resist scratches, chips, and impacts. Designed to endure the demands of daily life, they promise lasting beauty and durability.

Our tiles are hand printed therefore each tile has a unique, irregular finish, which will add attractiveness and unique style to any interior design. Our tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom walls, kitchen walls and more.

Uniquely Yours

The tradition of production and the exceptional quality of Turkish wall tiles are their defining characteristics.

Through a meticulous process of firing in the oven and glazing, these tiles emerge with durable and exquisitely finished surfaces.

Remarkably, even after years of use, they retain their vibrant colours and original allure, infusing any space with a timeless elegance.


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Minor variations in size, color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected.

Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

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Turkish Tiles - FAQs

Following these guidelines will help ensure a successful and durable tile installation that meets quality standards and provides a visually appealing result.

Brightness of Application Area:

● Ensure that the area of application is bright enough to facilitate proper installation and ensure accurate alignment of the tiles.

Clean and Smooth Surface:

● Prior to installation, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and smoothed to ensure proper adhesion and alignment of the tiles.

Allowance for Joint Grout:

● Leave at least 1-2 mm joint grout between the tiles to accommodate for expansion and contraction, and to provide a neat and uniform

Recommended Adhesive:

● Depending on the surface, it is recommended to use a flex adhesive produced with EN certificates. This ensures proper adhesion and flexibility, especially in areas prone to movement or vibration.

Cleaning of Join Adhesives:

● Join adhesives should be cleaned after application to prevent any residue or excess adhesive from affecting the appearance or functionality of the tiles.

Filling of Joint Gaps:

● Fill joint gaps with joint filler material at least 24 hours after installation to allow the adhesive to fully cure and provide a stable foundation for the filler.

Surface Inspection:

● Ensure that there are no cavities, pits, fractures, cracks, or protrusions on the laid surface that could affect the adhesion or appearance of the tiles.

Levelness of Surface:

● Check for any level differences in the form of steps to ensure a smooth and uniform surface for tile installation.

Tile Condition:

● Inspect the tiles for fractures, cracks, or any other imperfections that could compromise their integrity or appearance.

Uniformity of Joints:

● Ensure that the joints are not cracked and that joint measurements are equal throughout the installation to maintain a consistent and
professional finish.