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Mediterranean Mist Octagon Zellige with Pure White Infill

Embrace the allure of the Mediterranean Mist Octagon Zellige with Pure White Infill.

Crafted from authentic clay, each tile is a hand-glazed testament to Moroccan artistry, boasting a spectrum of shades that shift enchantingly with the day's light.

The creation of our Zellige is an art form rooted in tradition, demanding skilled artisans to meticulously chisel, dry, and kiln-fire each piece before it's individually glazed.

This painstaking process gifts every tile with its own character – no two pieces are ever identical.

Choose these tiles for a distinctive touch that will elevate the charm and style of your interiors.

Additional Colours Available. Contact Us.

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Tiles Durability

Crafted for longevity, our tiles feature a robust surface engineered to resist scratches, chips, and impacts. Designed to endure the demands of daily life, they promise lasting beauty and durability.

Our tiles are handcrafted therefore each tile has a unique, irregular finish, which will add attractiveness and unique style to any interior design. Our tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom walls, kitchen walls and more.

Uniquely Yours

Every Terra Bella Tiles Tells a Story
Each Terra Bella tiles are singular masterpiece, crafted from select porcelain clay that harmonises elegance with resilience. Hand-fired and glazed by skilled artisans, slight variations in color and pattern bestow each tile with a unique narrative, awaiting to be woven into the fabric of your home.


Upon order confirmation, we'll promptly contact you to confirm availability. If not in stock, production may take up to eight weeks. We’ll notify you when your order dispatches.

Shipping times:

  • UK (1-3 working days from dispatch)
  • For EU and Ireland orders please contact the sales team ( for delivery and custom charges)
Please Note

Minor variations in size, color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected.

Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

Should your project require a less authentic look, without the imperfections standard to tile, please order 15-20% overage in order to cherry-pick the tile.

Exclusive for Designers and Architects

Are you a designer or architect seeking exceptional tiles and bathroom fixtures for your projects?

Terra Bella Interiors invites you to collaborate with us. Contact us to explore bespoke solutions and trade-exclusive offers tailored to elevate your designs.

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Zellige - Bejmat and Installation Guide


Zellige are Moroccan tiles, crafted one by one from non-refined natural clay extracted in the region of Fez (Morocco). This clay is mixed and kneaded with water, moulded by hand, dried naturally and kiln-baked. The glazing (vitreous compounds and mineral pigments) is applied on the tiles, then melted/vitrified, resulting in multiple semi-transparent, metallic, pearlescent or opaque shades.

The essence of Zellige is the irregularity of surface appearance, tone, flatness, shine, depth and colour. Each Zellige tile is unique.

To ensure proper installation based on your unique site conditions, clients are responsible for hiring skilled installer that has experience in installing Moroccan zellige tiles. Terra Bella İnteriors are not responsible for installation, ongoing care or issues arising after installation of product.

The authentic methods of creating traditional will result in your order including approximately 15-20% of the tiles imperfections, hairline cracks, chips and edge chips. When used and blended into your install by an experienced zellige installer, these beautifully imperfect will give your installation the look of a traditional zellige surface. If you are seeking more uniform look, you should consider increasing your order by 20-25%.

Before Beginning Your Installation

- Please inspect your order thoroughly once you received. Terra Bella Interiors can not be held responsible for tiles that already installed.

-Each zellige/ Bejmat tiles are made by hand, therefore variations in colour, size, shape as well as surface imperfections such as chips
and blemishes are to be expected.

- You may see ink marks of the surfaces on your tiles due to handmade cutting process, these marking are standart and they can be easily removed with a damp clothes.

- Residue and dust from shipping are expected. Tiles dust and residue should be removed by soaking the tiles with room temperature water at least 1-2 min.

Please do not soak Unglazed
Natural tiles.

- Due to their handmade nature we always advise to blend the tiles from all boxes in your order.

- Achieving a traditional zellige aesthetic, try to work with chips and hairline cracks and the remember that this imperfect beauty (chips
and cracks) can be filled by grout it gives you more authentic look.

- We recommend using light colour grout on light colour tiles. For grout colour suggestion please contact our team via


- For unglazed zellige and bejmat tiles only. We recommend using Lithofin MN Stain Stop sealant.

- Unglazed zellige and bejmat tiles need to be sealed before and after installation.

Do not over-seal. Allow sealer to dry, typically between 24-48 hours, always follow the sealant manufacturer’s application instruction.

- Unglazed zellige and bejmat in wet areas should be re-sealed at least every 2-3 years or as often as needed depending on traffic or wear.

Laying Tiles

- If cuts are required for your installation, all cuts must be made water-cooled tile saw or wet diamond cut machine.

- The tiling surface needs to be firmly levelled by a professional tiler.

- Soak all the glazed zellige/bejmat tiles in room temperature water for 1-2 minutes to remove any dust and residue from transportation and ensure tiles are properly stick to tiling surface.

Do not soak the unglazed tiles.

- We recommend using grout spacers min 1 mm between tiles, albeit the tiles can be butt jointed if required. However, if the tiles are being installed the outside, we would recommend min 2 mm grout spacing between the tiles.

- Please use PH neutral soap when you clean the tile.

Floor Installation

Since each zellige tiles is hand chiseled, there may be a sharp edges. An experienced tiler should be able to get the tiles flush with a minimal slippage. If you find some tiles that stick up slightly or a bit rough on the edges after grouting, a tile rubbing stone can be used to soften the edges.

Wall Installation

- Place tiles one by one onto wall substrate.

- The traditional and recommended method for installation does not use standard grout joints, tiles are instead laid edge to edge or with a min 1.5 mm grout spacing if a specific grout line is preferred.

Wet Areas

- If installing on a flooring surface in a wet area, slip resistance can be increased by increasing grout joint size.

- Glazed tiles are suitable for swimming pools, shower area, fountains, spa and bathrooms. Ensure that the surface of each area is stable and waterproof prior to starting the installation. Use adhesive cement and grout appropriate for use in wet areas.


-Vacuum or sweep tile regularly to remove abrasive material that can scratch the surface.

- Glazed tiles clean like most types of ceramic tiles. Neutral PH products are recommended for cleaning.

- Promptly clean up any spills especially oil and grease on unglazed zellige. Un-cleaned spills can cause a permanent stains on your tile.